Why Dragon Boat for Team Building?

The sport of dragon boating relies on many of the same principals required in successful businesses: leadership, incentive, teamwork, communication, and goal setting.

Past participants have shared that dragon boat races are a great way to boost motivation, help teammates build trust with one another and increase confidence.

How Do Your Team Building Programs Work?

The types of groups that usually participate with us are corporations and businesses of all sizes, schools and non-profits. We can accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 300 people.

Considerations are made regarding group size, participants’ age, gender, and ability. Our team building activities can be as brief as 1-2 hours or span across a competition over multiple days.

We organize participants into groups and prepare them with instruction then motivate them through cooperative effort to reach their fullest potential. An experienced coach leads them through the activity from start to finish providing clarity and guidance.

We organize the entire event so you don’t have to!

Click this link to learn general information about the history of Dragon Boat Racing.

Our Dragon Boat Team Expert

The main instructor for Dragon Boat Team Builders is Mike O’Meara. He is the founder and head coach of our affiliate, the Renegades Dragon Boat Club. Mike has been active in the dragon boat community since 1999 and is passionate about the sport!

The Renegades are known for organizing and conducting dragon boat races, paddling events, and team training clinics for groups ranging in size from 20 to 800 individuals.

To learn more about the team, visit Oakland Renegades Dragon Boat Club.