build meaningful relationships

unity and cooperation

healthy competition

Dragon Boat Team Builders is an Oakland, CA based company that facilitates unique outdoor team building activities. Improve teamwork and motivate your staff by participating in a fun dragon boat outing for your company department.

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Fully equipped

for groups from 30 to 400, we have boats, paddles, floatation jackets and safety gear

Fully instructed

clear and concise group training both on land beforehand, and out on the water

Fully engaged

to strengthen team dynamics, build unity, and a sense of interdependence

The Renegades Dragon Boat Club offers

  • events that are an exciting way of motivating and integrating staff from all areas of a company
  • a sport that quickly gets everyone to work in unison and continually occupied
  • all the gear needed and ability to refer a number of quality catering options and hospitality
  • a great way to entertain clients and get your message across in an atmosphere of fun

We work closely with HR professionals and department heads to tailor a unique and fully personalized experience regardless of the makeup of your organization. We listen closely to your requirements and collaborate on planning and execution of a memorable and engaging team building experience.


Benefits of Dragon Boat Team Building

ph-paddler-2Suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities, dragon boating builds strength, trust, communication and camaraderie among colleagues. We provide all the necessary gear and hands-on instruction in a lively, engaging, inclusive and exhilarating outdoor environment.

  • Fosters teamwork
  • Improves communication
  • An outlet for healthy competition
  • Reinforces goal-oriented collaboration
  • Builds meaningful relationships
  • Develops leadership
  • Promotes unity and cooperation

Our dragonboating activities foster positive team dynamics to improve overall team performance and get the best out of individual team members, encouraging productivity, motivation, and goal achievement.


Leading the activities

Rocky Laber of Dragon Boat Team Builders

With active members in the dragon boat community since 1990, the Oakland Renegades have organized and conducted dragon boat races, paddling events, and clinics for groups ranging in size from 30 to 800 individuals, handling schedules, logistics, facilities, and execution of events large and small. More on our website: Oakland Renegades Dragon Boat Club

Mike O'Meara of Dragon Boat Team Builders

Each event is custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients, considerations are made regarding group size, participants’ age, gender, and ability. Our dragonboating events can be as brief as an hour or two, or span multiple days.

We will help organize participants into compatible, cohesive groups and prepare them with instruction, strategies and techniques to motivate them to reach their potential. The sport of dragon boating relies on many of the same principals found in successful businesses: leadership, incentive, teamwork, communication, and goal setting.

We will help identify the personnel necessary to fill key positions while instilling a sense of team unity and bonding. As the program progresses, participants witness incremental improvement in their coordination and synchronization, ultimately translating to a positive feeling that comes as a result of working together as a team..



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